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Secure Destruction from USPS® BlueEarth Initiative

Posted by Brenda Morgan on Mon, Mar 12, 2018 @ 11:03 AM

The Postal Service is excited to introduce the USPS BlueEarth Secure Destruction (SD) mail service to business mailers. This new sustainable mail service allows mailers to have automated First Class Mail that is undeliverable, automatically intercepted and destroyed securely at a postal facility, without an additional charge to mailers.

Reductions of the 1.4 billion pieces of returned to sender letter mail handled by the Postal Service will help reduce the carbon footprint left by the mailing industry. In its first year of operation, the USPS Secure Destruction mail service program successfully intercepted and destroyed over 25.3 million pieces of mail in FY 2015 and recycled over 645 metric tons of securely shredded paper.

2018-03-09 12_36_44-Fact Sheet 9 4 2014 v3 - SDFactSheet.pdfOnly letter-sized First-Class Mail® with an Intelligent Mail®barcode (IMb™) that contains an approved Secure Destruction Service Type ID (STID) that would otherwise be returned to the sender (RTS), is eligible for participation in Secure Destruction. First Class Mail®that is undeliverable due to a customer submitted change-of-address will continue to be forwarded to the customer’s new address for mailers that have requested forwarding service.

If you are interested in this service let your sales rep know!

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