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Forget Smell-O-Vision--Send it with a Scratch and Sniff Stamp!

Posted by Brenda Morgan on Tue, May 22, 2018 @ 14:05 PM

pr18_040I fondly recall Smell-O-Vision in which American film director John Waters released an enhanced "Odorama" version of his film, Polyester in 1982. Waters included scratch and sniff cards that the audience could use while watching the movie. Each card contained ten numbered spots that were scratched when that number flashed in the bottom right corner of the screen. 

Forget that antiquated marketing ploy, and turn your heads to the Scratch and Sniff stamps being issued by the USPS. The U.S. Postal Service’s first scratch-and-sniff stamps will add the sweet scent of summer to letters when the Postal Service introduces the Frozen Treats Forever stamps June 20.

The stamps feature illustrations of frosty, colorful, icy pops on a stick. Today, Americans love cool, refreshing ice pops on a hot summer day. The tasty, sweet confections come in a variety of shapes and flavors.  This booklet of 20 stamps showcases the work of Margaret Berg of Santa Monica, CA, depicting whimsical watercolor illustrations of frozen treats. Each of the 10 stamp designs includes two different treats.

Although the actual scent is still under covers, I have thoughts of watermelon and blueberry.  So get ready for summer, and always stop to smell the stamp!

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