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The Power of Print

You Deserve to Attend This!

Postal Promotions for 2019

Highlights of the 2019 USPS Pricing

Start Thinking About The Holidays!

Flat-sized mailpieces and USPS

Direct Mail That Converts

Forget Smell-O-Vision--Send it with a Scratch and Sniff Stamp!

The Most Affordable Way to Send Direct Mail

Secure Destruction from USPS® BlueEarth Initiative

Move Update Changes - March 2018

Scrubbing your Mailing List

USPS® Announces Mailing Services Rate Changes for January 2018

Direct Mail Is A Winner

How Not To Break The Law

USPS Hints at January 2018 Price Hikes

What is Direct Mail?

Discounts for Direct Mail 2.0

Christmas in July? Time To Get Ready!

Will Informed Delivery Affect Direct Mail Marketing?

Integrate Google with your Mailing for Better Results!

Creating a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Informed Delivery - Week 1

Congratulations Ben - A Rising Star

Informed Delivery Has Arrived

Targeting the Best Customers

37 Years and Counting...

Tips for Having Great Copy

Consumers Like Getting Direct Mail

What do you need for a proper variable data print campaign to work?

January 2017 USPS Price Changes

Direct Mail Done Right

Highlights of the January 22, 2017 USPS Price Changes

Your 2017 Marketing Budget

2017 USPS Holiday Closures

Make Money Like Walter White...

USPS Announces Proposed Price Changes for 2017

Five Benefits of Direct Mail

Direct Mail 2.0 - Better Marketing. Simplified.

Postal Service Announces 2017 Mailing Services Prices

Thinking Ahead To Your 2017 Marketing Budget

Reasons to Consider Direct Mail

Direct Mail and Political Campaigns

Every Door Direct Mail

75,000 Packages!

2017 USPS Promotions

USPS Price Change Effective August 28, 2016

August 2016 USPS Price Changes

8 Quick Tips for Postcard Marketing

Setting Your Direct Mail Goals

3 Reasons to use Direct Mail for Political Mail

Building a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

One Of Your Most Valuable Assets - Your Mailing List

The Perfect Marketing Blend

Expanding Priority Mail International® Service to Cuba

A Donor's Response to Direct Mail

It's Earth Day... Learn How To Be Green!

April 2016 USPS Rate Change

Postcards Pack A Punch

Stamp Prices Lowered! Honestly!

Purchasing a Direct Mail List

How to Comply with Delivery Point Validation

Postage Lowered? Say It Isn't So!

6 Ways To Save Postage In 2016

USPS Promotions For 2016

New USPS Postage Rates -Effective January 17, 2016

Breaking Down Your Marketing Budget for 2016

2016 USPS Promotions Calendar

Fuel Surcharges and Shipping

USPS testing program that offers customers digital preview of their mail

Domestic Competitive Products Pricing Changes - Effective January 17, 2016

Deadlines for 2016 Holiday Mail

8 Ways To Ensure A Seamless Direct Mail Campaign

Reasons People (Still) Like To Receive Mail

First Price Increase In Three Years for Commercial Priority Mail Scheduled for January 2016

Direct Mail For Millennials

Direct Mail in A Digital Age

3 Tips To Improve Your Direct Mail Order Form

Direct Mail Delivers Results

Potential Impacts Surrounding the Papal Visit

Holiday Marketing Starts Now!

How To Use Direct Mail Effectively

PRC Denies Competitive Status to First Class Parcels

Aim for the Perfect Customer

How to Compile a Qualified Mailing List

A Postage Rate Decrease?

4 Reasons To Choose Direct Mail

5 Tips For A Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Which Format is Right For Your Business?

The Benefits of Maintaining a Clean Mailing List

USPS EDDM vs. Targeted Direct Mail - Who WIns?

Using Direct Mail Postcards to Advertise Your Business

Direct Mail Best Practices For Fundraising

Secrets For Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

What is a QR code?

Cleaning Your Mailing Lists

5 Reasons To Use Postcards

Using Direct Mail In Small Business

Measuring Your Return On Investment

5 Tips To Creating A Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Mail Sizer Template

Tracking your Direct Mail

How to Use Direct Mail

11 Ways to Make Your Brochures Effective

7 Ways You Can Use Direct Mail to Engage and Sell

Using Every Door Direct Mail

What is variable data print?

Have You Cleaned Your List Lately?

USPS Launches "Watch Us Deliver" Campaign

Get our Guide - Direct Mail for Nonprofits

The Importance of Direct Mail in Your Marketing

Using Variable Data In Your Direct Mail

Getting a Start in Direct Mail

Direct Mail In A Nutshell

The Value of Direct Mail

National Dog Bite Prevention Week

It's a Go for May 31 USPS Price Increase

How To Increase Your Direct Mailing Campaign Success

Direct Mail or Digital?

Make The Most of Your Direct Mail Campaign

Tips for Effective Direct Mail for Nonprofits- Part 2

Tips for Effective Direct Mail for Nonprofits- Part 1

Creating a Powerful Direct Mail Campaign

The Top 10 Advantages of Using Postcards

And The Envelope Please...

Thinking Outside The Box With Your Direct Mail

Celebrating 45 Years of Earth Day

More Reasons Ever to Clean Your Lists

Using Direct Mail to Drive Traffic Online

How Often Should I Mail?

How To Hook Your Readers Into Reading Your Direct Mail

The Benefits of Direct Mail

Timing your Direct Mail Campaign

Making Direct Mail for Nonprofits Profitable

Make Your Direct Mail Shine

Direct Mail for Mortgage Professionals

Ensure Your Direct Mail Stands Out

Understanding the Significance of Direct Mail

WordTech Turns 35!

This isn't an April Fools Joke!

4 Reasons to Use Direct Mail Marketing Instead of Email Marketing

USPS Delays Price Increase

10 Stats That Offer Evidence of the Resurgence of Direct Mail

7 Key Parts of an Effective Direct Mail Sales Piece

2015 USPS Promotion Calendar

6 Reasons to Invest in Direct Mail

USPS Rate Requests Fail a Second Time

Non-Profit? How To Get Big Returns from Direct Mail

Direct Mail Tips

Are You Mailing to a Trash Can?

A Local Makes it to the Top!

Postcards With A Punch

Targeting Direct Mail Customers

Fascinating Direct Mail Facts

Get Noticed with Direct Mail

Putting Your Direct Mail To The Test

A Resurgence in Direct Mail

Personalize Your Direct Mail with Variable Data Printing

The Role of Direct Mail in Your Company's Marketing

Direct Mail for Nonprofits 101

Mysteries of the New Postal Rates

Voice your comments on upcoming price changes!

Stop Wasting Postage - The Merge/Purge Process

USPS Files Market Dominant Price Increase

Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Campaign - Tracking Direct Mail

Direct Mail: Top Tips for Getting It Right

Planning Ahead for Direct Mail Success

Planning your Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail is not dead!

Happy New Year From Wordtech!

2015 USPS Holiday Closings

'Twas the Final Days Before the Deadline

10 Direct Mail Fundraising Best Practices

5 Facts From The DMA Fact Book 2014

USPS Prices unchanged in early 2015

Happy Birthday to...the MAIL? The USPS turns 222 today

WordTech is hiring in SALES!

3 ways to pay less than your competition for direct mail marketing

Direct Mail Marketing and the Response Rate Question

Direct Mail tips for Nonprofit Fundraising

10 Direct Mail Stats that you did not know

USPS postal regulation changes on tap for July 28, 2013

The Secret to a successful Direct Mail campaign

Great Advice for Small Business from the best Entrepreneurs

5 ways that DATA can make your direct mail marketing even better!

Personalize your direct mail marketing for increased ROI

5 Ways a Direct Mail Company can Improve your ROI

Six Essential Tips for a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

5 reasons Direct Mail Services (still) beats E-Mail

How to knock it out of the park on your next direct mail campaign

Direct Mail Services: Postage Rate Increase effective Jan. 27, 2013

Make Direct Mail Services work for you

5 ways to lower the costs of Direct Mail Services

Direct Mail Services: New Strategies to Avoid a Postage Hike

The Modern Rules of Direct Mail Services

Direct Mail Services (Self-Mailer) Postal Reg's change Jan. 5, 2013

The Secret of Direct Mail Services

Direct Mail Services on a (Holiday) Deadline

Finding the Right Direct Mail Service for your Political Campaign

The Secret(s) to Successful Direct Mail Services

Tips and Tricks to Cut Costs on Direct Mail Services

Choose Direct Mail Services to Jump Start Holiday Sales

Direct Mail Services to play important role in 2013 marketing budgets

Political Candidates use Direct Mail Services to get out the Vote

Direct Mail Services Are A Proven Solution To Increase Sales

How an experienced Direct Mail Company can save your marketing budget

The 2 BEST reasons to use a Direct Mail Company

What to look for in a Direct Mail Company

How to knock it out of the park on your next direct mail campaign